SPM Overview







(Built in)

Integration with SAGE Accpac ERP

Full integration with a worldwide, robust, Enterprise Resource Planning system to handle the back end of Accounting, Financials, and Banking. (USE LINK FOR SAGE ACCPAC ERP)




(Built in)

Integration with Google Services

Intensive use of Google capabilities to enhance services. Example: Google maps to overview cases, appointments, etc.




(Built in)

Integration with Microsoft Servers

Integration with Microsoft Servers




UCI Module

UCI Module: Manage intake leads

Enter referrals and other prospects, and convert them into active customers seamlessly. Follow up with unprocessed leads, or pending opportunities.

UCI Module: Manage intake leads

Enter UCI (Unique Customer Identifier) information in one place and will be visible to every partner. UCI contact information, regional center, language preference, reason for referral, notes, documents. Assign staff and other resources to customer.




Regional Center Module

Regional Center Module: Centralized View and Maintenance of Regional Centers

Enter and maintain multiple regional centers. Monitor activity per center. Identify performance patterns and opportunities.




Authorization Module

Authorization Module: Centralized View and Maintenance of Authorizations

Enter, edit and monitor Authorizations. Understand your budget. Align accurate service scheduling, execution, and billing. Maintain transparency and be ready for any audit.




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