Fraudulent Timesheets

17 Dec

It is real and it does get personal

In the midst of running a small business, the occasional inaccurate timesheet shows up. Albeit the vast majority of business partners act in good faith, that tiny fraction of suspicious activity is worth examining.

  • Clinical staff work unauthorized hours? Or perhaps worse, they accrue hours that have not been performed?
  • False parent signatures? (For those companies that need signatures to comply with Regional Center requirements)
  • Incorrect calculation of rates, or amount of hours performed?
  • Terminated employees still active in payroll?
  • Unscheduled pay raises?

Unfortunately, these are not uncommon.

Fraud does not only affect the bottom line, but also damages employee morale and relationships.

Good organizations prevent these tempting “mistakes” by constantly monitoring payroll activities and auditing process with professional skepticism. Even better, wise organizations create a culture of transparency and accountability through the use of such techniques.

In summary, no business is exempt of employee fraud. Is responsibility of the company to prevent it.

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