Five top benefits of Employee Internet Portal for Behavior Health Providers

22 Dec

  • Convenience – Both clinical and office staff can access key information over the web. From the convenience of home, and at any time staff can obtain forms, keep track of payments, view appointments, and follow up with company news.
  • Security – Employees obtain sensitive information without comprising security. Web portals operate with ongoing monitoring to detect and inspect suspicious activities.
  • Cost Savings – Inquiries noticeably decrease since employees are not forced to go through the office staff to access documents and information any more. Office employees can invest their time in higher value activities
  • Integration – Multiple technologies can be integrated in a single website. For instance, while Google maps describe the details of a specific route to get to a case, the web timesheets can receive the hours worked, all in one platform.
  • Standardization – A single platform means a simple and straightforward way of communicating. No more isolated processes or inconsistent training. Web portals are powerful tools to create a learning culture in any organization. This is especially important in behavior modification where team work is a major player for successful results.

In summary, Employee web portals complement an integrated business and offer a reliable venue for efficient communication.

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